About Us

Roshni Sharma-Fleming Ahava Healing At StillFire Healing Your life story matters

How We Got Started

StillFire Healing Inc. was born from my intense experience of illness to be honest. After surviving what I went through, delving into my own story, my own trauma and pain, I realized self-care has always been an afterthought for me. Once I decided to choose myself, once I chose to treat myself with the utmost care, love and respect as I normally give to others, I realized how important it was to help others see their worth, their life purpose and potential. I have studied different healing modalities such as: Usui Reiki (distance/in-person), Ahava Healing, Angel Card Readings, Emotional Freedom Technique and Chakra Balancing. People can and do heal! When you heal, the world does too !

Remember that people: Love to their level of Self-Love; Communicate to their level of Self-Awareness; And behave to their level of healed trauma; You CAN heal from your past.


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