What is an Ahava Healer?

Ahava Healing

Ahava is a Hebrew word that means “love”. It is often used in the context of expressing love or deep affection. “Healer” typically refers to a person or thing that helps in the process of healing, whether physical, emotional, and spiritual. So, an Ahava Healer could be interpreted as a healer who uses love, compassion, and empathy as an integral part of their healing or caregiving practices. 

When you choose an Ahava Healer, like me, you choose a soul’s guide to help you heal your early pain and trauma points. We scaffold a healing journey starting with a 2 hour whiteboard session using a series of simple questions, which help me to see where your pain and trauma may have started between the ages of 0-10 years of age. We call this, UNLOCKING THE GIFT. During this session, I use math, science, intuition, energy and patterns to make vital connections and discover your soul’s data. This marks the beginning of your healing journey which we call, DISCOVERY. We follow with ADVENTURE where we customize personalized adventures digging deeper to who you are. Finally, we guide you to a HOMECOMING where you are encouraged to connect with others as part of your understanding of your true purpose. 

How do you know you need an Ahava Healer?

Ahava Healers study and train in many alternative healing modalities. Some of us are Reiki Masters and Teachers while others may be Hypnotherapy Coaches, as an example. Essentially, we all have the highest intentions for healing for our clients. I work with those who are in a career transition, those who feel they need to step out of their comfort zone and/or those who feel guided to explore who they truly are. Your journey with me will require you to radically choose and love yourself.  Afterall, healing takes work because it is YOU who needs to shine. Your journey with me will bring you back home to YOU. Yes, you can Heal!

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”


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